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Hey, my name is jake. I've been into the iPhone gaming platform ever since I got my touch. I downloaded the SDK and started programing. Of course I had to jailbreak so I could use emulators and create themes. I love creating themes. I'm still working on some basic apps, and they should be available in cydia. I started this site when I was bored one day and wanted to test out Weebly. So I thought why not do app reviews? I started doing them and eventually Ethan and Elijah Koller joined me in writing reviews, and lastly tyler just joined. I usually write reviews whenever I am bored. I want this site to continue to grow so I would really appreciate if you could tell your friends, if they have a iPod Touch or iPhone. Soon I will be putting ads on this site and earning money per view, so I would really appricate it if you would tell all your friends! I need the views! Have a look around and Please enjoy our site. 

Site Email- womireviews@yahoo.com

Jake Schultz- jakesvideos648@gmail.com 
Sites by Jake: http://jshome.webs.com-My Homepage, http://ipodjvgames.webs.com- iPod Click Wheel Games, http://jhome.webs.com/themes- Winterboard Themes

Ethan Koller: womireviews@yahoo.com

Elijah Koller: Not Provided

Tyler Fencl: tfencl@gmail.com