Sorry it's been so long since a new review or a blog post. The new guides are how to jailbreak, and a guide to jailbroken installers. They are also available for free download below. 

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I just finished writing a four page guide on what to do after you've been jailbroken. This guide is free for download: 
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It's about 800KB download. Print it and give it to your friends. Tell your friends about our site, it is much appreciated. 
I recently heard about 3 new games that sound like alot of fun. The first is Assassins creed 2, which will be in 2D and made by ubisoft. The second is nova by gameloft, this will of online 3d multiplayer as well as single player. This game is very similar to halo and will have the best graphics the iphone has ever seen. And last is a new rhythm game by tapulous utilizing only the accelerometer. Source:

The Jailbroken apps section is halted for about 3 months due to all the school work i have to do. 
The new version of iTunes is out for Mac and PC! It features a completely new design plus so many more features! I have only had it for about a hour, but I already love it! Best of all its free! Get it now.

ngmoco's killtest or livefire is now called eliminate and will be coming out soon! 
Now under each app review there will be a link to the itunes store were you can read more info and download!

Also please note reviews are cut down again, just because of school, sports and more. Sorry.
I just started my new label. New Apps by me will be coming out around 2010 or 2011. Vist my site to check out more info about: Gem Defender, iSkipper, iDisc Golf, Simple Browsing Mobile, and Flick Stacking.
Sorry there hasn't been a blog post or new review in a couple of days but that is because school has started and I have been working heavily on my new home-page, which I would love if you checked out. Everything is listed there, including every single one of my winterboard themes. Please expect a cut down on reviews and posts due to school and homework. 
Just added 3 new themes to cydia: Snowboarding, Disc Golf and Cabin. Check them out! 

I just posted my new theme in cydia, it is available now. The name is Northern Lights. If you would like to request a theme email me at

Also I'm sorry to tell you but I will be cutting down on blog posts due to the new ipod click wheel section. 
The Themes listed below are no available for download in cydia for download! More are on the way!